So, You Want to be Happy



Of course, you want to be happy! I know a lot of you out there are looking at that title and saying “Well, no kidding.” You can probably insert an eye roll in there somewhere as well. Obviously, we all want to be happy.

We see people out on the street or at work that are always up beat and smiling. They are making it in this world, and here we are. Maybe you are not that happy. Maybe you are not making it. Maybe you are not doing what you really want to do.

What is it that you want to do? What will make you happy? How can you be happy when you have so many problems in your life? We will cover these questions in this article. This is important because unless we know why we are not happy we won’t know how to be happy.

Breaking it down

What do you want to do? Do you like your job? Job satisfaction is on many peoples lists of what would make them happy. Unfortunately, too many people stay in jobs they hate because of an imagined sense of commitment or security. Sure, when you hired into the job you committed to it, but if you are not being satisfied in your job you are not doing your company or yourself any favors by keeping silent and just going with the flow. Many people allow fear to hold them to one position or another.



    OK, so you have decided that you don’t like your job. Now what? Well, I’ll tell you. Now you change jobs. You put in the time and the effort to do the job you have always wanted to do, even if that means going back to school for a degree or a certificate. You search on line for job openings. You go to businesses and submit your resume’. In order to get into your dream job you must do the work. Your dream job is not going to fall in your lap. Nothing worth doing is easy. Even being a writer is not easy.

Hemingway said, “To be a writer all you have to do is sit down at your typewriter and bleed.”

    If what you want to do most in this life is to be a writer, then you have to write. If you want to be an engineer then you have to that work. If you want to be a musician, then you have to practice, and practice. You have to put yourself out there, no matter what it is you really want to do. Do not let fears of failure keep you from moving forward.

    “I am afraid I will screw up. I am afraid I’ll fail.” So what? I would rather take a chance at something I love to do and maybe experience rejection or failure then keep going with the status quo and guarantee I will fail because I hate what I do. What about you?

Are you ready to stand up and say that you are willing to put in the work? Are you ready to put the fear aside and be what you were meant to be?!

Take a minute right now; get a piece of paper and an ink pen. Do not use the computer! You need to make the commitment physical. Got it? Good. Now, write down exactly what you want to be, do, or have. This will answer two of the previous questions. First, what will make you happy? Second, what is it you really want to do?


Make no mistake, it is going to take effort to get from point A to point B whether you want to be a writer of great masterpieces, a musician, or an entrepreneur and open your own business. It is work but once you have taken the first step you begin your forward momentum.

Yes, life is full of problems. There are always bills to pay; food to buy, repairs to be taken care of, household obligations, and the list keeps going. This we know. We know we have to deal with a constant stream of issues but we do not have to let them command us. We deal with them as they arise. Accept that problems are going to happen. Deal with it, and keep going! If you absolutely cannot do anything about a problem now, put it on a to-do list and handle it as soon as you can. Problem solved!


You want to be happy. Take the first step!

  1. Write down what it will take to make you happy.
  2. Take the steps, and put in the work to make it happen.
  3. Conquer life’s problems as they happen and keep working on your dream!

Remember, nothing can stop you, but you.


3 thoughts on “So, You Want to be Happy

  1. I really like the article, you did a great job.
    But what if I don’t know what it will take to make me happy?
    What if I don’t know how to overcome negativity and depression?
    Random thoughts.

    • Thank you for the compliment and an idea for another article. I have learned a lot about finding happiness and making circumstances work for you instead of against you, throughout the trials of my life. I will be posting informative articles about how you can do the same while giving some insight into my own mountains. The articles will cover, among other things, negativity, acceptance, and success. As far as depression, I must advise you and all of my readers, I am not a licensed practitioner. I cannot diagnose mental illness, but what I can do is offer suggestions on how to get through the tough times, how to find happiness even when everyone is telling you to give up. It is my sincere hope that whether through my writing or the writing of others you are able to find a bit of happiness, peace even. Remember, you are not alone out there.

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